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High Rise®

Spinnaker is a new variety in our portfolio with the potential to replace Ironman for Autumn harvest. Spinnaker is very uniform to mature, very easy to harvest and has good tolerance to hollow stem, crown rot and systemic downy mildew. This variety has outperformed Ironman as regards yield potential for Autumn harvest and also has finer beads, less bracting and a greener head colour.

  • Good tolerance to systemic downy mildew, alternaria and crown rot
  • Similar timing to Ironman offering a replacement in Autumn with improved quality and yield


  • Strong vigour and erect plant type
  • Less leaves to remove
  • High yield potential
  • Better field holding
  • Firm, fine beaded head improved harvest uniformity
  • Improved hollow stem and systemic mildew tolerance


  • Upright easy to see crown
  • Quicker harvest
  • Easier to meet market specifications
  • Can hold in the field for longer than current standards
  • Solid crown with smaller bead improves visual appeal
  • More marketable heads


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