Together, we can grow a healthier world.

Welcome to Vegetables by Bayer.

It starts with you.


As an innovative vegetable seed company who’s also a world leader in human health and nutrition and horticulture, we are driven to deliver health for all and hunger for none. 

But we can’t do it alone. Working together, we can ensure that every seed grows beautifully, harvests efficiently, sells quickly, transports easily, and provides the flavor people want – and the nutrition they need. Together, let’s work to grow your business – so that we can grow a healthier world.  

Two seed brands. One powerful purpose.

Innovative vegetable seed developers, Seminis and De Ruiter have long provided cutting-edge solutions to help grow your business. Now, with the backing of Bayer, we can strive to grow the health of the world. 

Join the British Tomato Fortnight 2024

From Monday, 27 Ma 2024 to Sunday, 9 June 2024, we'll be celebrating the start of the tomato season , with our consumer focused campaign, dedicated to the wonderfully juicy and nutritious tomatoes grown right here in Britain!

Eat Them to Defeat Them - The Big Chomp

The Big Chomp

Vegetables by Bayer is happy to support this year's #EatThemToDefeatThem campaign which is back and ready to get more kids eating veg. The theme for 2024 is The Big Chomp. Read more about our partnership with Veg Power or get involved at

Taking action against ToBRFV

Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) is a viral disease impacting tomato plants that is spreading rapidly around the world. At Vegetables by Bayer, our industry-leading R&D team is working to provide long-lasting, science-based solutions. Learn more and get the latest news and information on how you can help prevent the spread of ToBRFV.

Journey of a Seed - Part 2

Embark on a captivating exploration of our small seeded vegetable seeds and be guided through the meticulous steps within our small seed processing facility.  Each video is a chapter in the journey, blending the precision of science with the expertise of our team. Join us in celebrating not just the journey of our seeds but the brilliant minds behind the processes. From seasoned veterans to fresh faces, our team exemplifies the perfect harmony of science and unwavering dedication.

Pay a virtual visit to the Experience Center

Vegetables by Bayer is committed to innovation and sustainability. We demonstrate this at our Bayer ForwardFarming demo glasshouse 'De Ruiter Experience Center' (DEC). The DEC allows us to test hundreds of varieties, technologies and growing systems in commercial conditions. You can walk through the greenhouse via a digital environment, visit the market, look up information and much more.

New Cucumber brochure now available!

Offers an overview of our best-selling varieties.

In our new brochure you will find our entire portfolio updated with the latest varieties, sowing, planting and harvesting calendars, and advice from our experts.

New brochure now available!

In our new brochure you will find our entire portfolio updated with the latest varieties, sowing, planting and harvesting calendars, and advice from our experts.

Our new carrot variety, Catania* is celebrated at BCGA Demo Day

Recognised for good storage ability, high yields and smooth, uniform roots - Bayer’s Catania* (breeder reference: SVDN7396) received attention at the latest British Carrot Growers Association (BCGA) Demonstration Day as their new early main crop variety.


Hear what’s new at Seminis and De Ruiter, straight from the source. Find product updates, learn about what we’re developing for tomorrow’s markets, and be among the first to know about our latest tools and technologies.

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