Fresh In-Store Vision

Fruits and Vegetables

Drive category growth through a reimagined shopper experience.


Looking to improve your in-store satisfaction, shopper loyalty and profitability? As we innovate our products, we’ve been closely studying shopper behaviors and mindsets to help you make the fresh produce category easier to navigate, and more relevant than ever.

Watch the video and keep reading to learn how we can help you drive meaningful growth in this expanding category.

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Unlocking opportunities through shopper research

We’re focused on helping you transform low rotation and tight margins into a more profitable future for your fresh category. Addressing these challenges requires a new vision that both elevates the shopper experience and drives longer term profitability. Through our shopper research, we identify areas of opportunity to help retailers like you accomplish both of these goals.

A 3D rendering of a store's produce section

The Fresh In-Store concept

As an innovator and provider of high-quality seeds, shopper research is integral to our pipeline of new fruits & vegetables. We also bring this vast knowledge to our retail partners with the full value chain in mind, acknowledging the diversity of shopper needs that can unlock opportunities for growth, ultimately helping you reimagine what’s possible for your in-store experience.

Are you ready to reimagine the fresh fruits and vegetables category? Get in touch.

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