Growing at the highest standards.

How we’re partnering with growers in high-tech glasshouse growing environments. 

You’ve invested a lot into the success of your business. Let us help you maximize your return. And together, we’ll maximize the health of all. 

A higher level of consistency

You face unique challenges in high-tech glasshouses. And we’re ready to address them with highly specific solutions. We know that you are under pressure to consistently deliver high quality and high marketable yields so that you can meet your commitments. We are constantly innovating for you and with you to ensure our seeds deliver consistent performance to you – with unbeatable taste and appeal to your customers. 

New markets. New opportunities.

As the needs of your partners and customers change, so can we. Using our global network and partnerships, we have the ability to anticipate growing trends and develop shared solutions to help grow future success for the entire value chain. We’re committed to evolving and innovating along with you to continue to bring you never-before-seen solutions that will grow your success. 

We believe that when we help you grow your business; we’re also helping to grow the health of the planet.
We’re ready to help you meet an even higher level of consistency. Connect with a local team member to get started.
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