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High Rise®

Andersia is a raised head broccoli variety with excellent head weights, field holding and quality that matures at a similar timing to our current commercial variety Steel. Andersia is part of our High-Rise range of broccoli which have the potential to be machine harvested. Machine harvest is an option with this variety due to its uniform maturity and the positioning of the head which is high in the crop canopy.

  • Easy to harvest
  • Grow Days: 80-90 days (UK)
  • Grow Days: 72-78 days (Nordics North)
  • Grow Days: 80-90 days (Nordics South and Baltics)


  • Matures at a similar timing to Steel
  • Easy harvest variety with less leaves to remove than commercial standards
  • Heavy head with fine bead and excellent green colour
  • Excellent field holding and shelf life


  • Easy to harvest
  • Potential for machine harvest
  • Suitable for processing
  • Best suited to cooler temperatures (not high summer in eg Lincolnshire)

Agronomic Tips

  • Cropping density: 32,000-38,000 plants/ha.


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