Cleaning after a ToBRFV infection

tobrfv resistance mark
tobrfv resistance mark


Cleaning and sanitation are critical processes after a ToBRFV infection*


ToBRFV is known to be infectious longer on organic waste attached to surfaces. Drain water and drain water silos have also been found to be contaminated with ToBRFV in infected glasshouses, so ensure proper cleaning of these areas. Always read the user manual of your cleaning substances and methods before use and follow all instructions.

Recommended period for cleaning is at least 3.5 to 4 weeks.

Prevent cross-contamination of materials/areas.

Focus points:


  • Crop removal
  • Cleaning the drainpipes and drains
  • Cleaning the interior of the glasshouse, shed, cantinas, and offices
  • Starting new: start your crop with increased hygiene measures

*These recommendations should be considered as one reference point and should not be substituted for individual assessment of such industry guidelines and best practices, along with the professional opinion of relevant experts evaluating specific circumstances.

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