Preventing & detecting ToBRFV

Confidence on every level – best practices to help stop the spread of ToBRFV


ToBRFV can be easily transmitted through several means, including farming tools and equipment, people (workers' hands), plants, water and soil.

Implementing strict hygiene measures during production and incorporating multiple control and inspection processes are crucial preventive measures for containing the virus. These measures play a pivotal role in mitigating the spread of ToBRFV. 

Preventing ToBRFV
Detecting ToBRFV early
What to do after a positive ToBRFV test result
Cleaning after ToBRFV infection

Learn about the safety measures being taken in our new quarantine greenhouse


Wim van der Schaft, head of North Europe Vegetable R&D Operations, is in the new quarantine glasshouse in Wageningen, the Netherlands. He will explain how the quarantine glasshouse works and the safety measures being taken.

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