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De Ruiter Experience Center

Vegetables by Bayer is committed to innovation and sustainability, and we demonstrate this at our Bayer ForwardFarm, the De Ruiter Experience Center. The De Ruiter Experience Center (DEC) enables us to test and demonstrate hundreds of varieties and technologies as well as new cultivation systems in commercial growing conditions. The center also offers us a great place to engage with society about the importance of healthy food and sustainable glasshouse horticulture production.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers
In 2022, the DEC was expanded from tomatoes to cucumbers. The expansion is a new step in our collaboration with BraZander, an innovative tomato and pepper grower with whom we have had an excellent collaboration with since 2017. Expanding it to cucumber makes the center even more relevant for glasshouse horticulture. But the main reason for the expansion is the new internal testing facility in order to enlarge and continue testing our cucumber pipeline. Together, we focus not just on yield, but also in flavor and disease resistance as well as pursuing modern, technology-driven growing solutions to grow a bountiful crop in a sustainable manner.

Bring us a virtual visit

If you are unable to pay a personal visit to the Experience Center, we would like to invite you for a personal virtual tour. You can walk through the greenhouse via the digital environment, visit the market, look up information and watch various videos.

Passion for sustainability

Sustainability BFF

Cristiane Lourenço is the Global Sustainability Lead for Bayer Vegetable Seeds. She applauds the outstanding cooperation from Brazander and De Ruiter at the De Ruiter Experience Center. The De Ruiter Experience Center is one of the most inspiring partners of Bayer ForwardFarming.

Cristiane: ‘One part of Bayer’s sustainable strategy aims at internal processes, like how we produce seeds in a sustainable way. Our second task is to deliver products to help growers to sustainably produce vegetables: solutions that deliver high yield with the same taste and quality, but with more efficient use of resources like water, energy, and fertilizers. And the De Ruiter Experience Center is where we see that happen.’

Cristiane: ‘I was very impressed with the De Ruiter Experience Center. With over 300 varieties, we demonstrate the concept of sustainability and share that with growers and stakeholders from all over the world. I admire the passion with which Paul Zantman, one of the Brazander owners, puts his effort in growing tomatoes under the best sustainable conditions. His transparency and his desire to share knowledge is an asset to the glasshouse industry.’ Paul agrees with

Cristiane: ‘At the De Ruiter Experience Center, we take the opportunity to test many different varieties and their behavior in growth, taste and production under various condition – including using less energy – and hope we are able to find potential solutions with the same quality and the same production.’

Follow John on his virtual visit to De Ruiter glasshouses

John van der Knaap, manager of the De Ruiter Experience Center, vlogs weekly about the development of the cultivation of Merlice, Marinice and Grandice in the Netherlands.

Sharing knowledge

The key to our success lies in sharing knowledge about our varieties and their characteristics. But of course also about developments in the De Ruiter Experience Center, our sustainability strategy and more. You can read all about it in the new brochure!

Crop data demo glasshouse

All specifications of our demo glasshouse for tomatoes and cucumbers at a glance.

Follow the De Ruiter cucumbers through our virtual tours

The De Ruiter team is likes to take you on a tour and show you the development of our cucumbers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

News from the Experience Center

The Bayer ForwardFarming initiative

Knowledge Platform

Together with growers, we continually seek to move agriculture forward, with our eyes on a more sustainable future. This comes to life through Bayer ForwardFarming, a knowledge platform that fosters dialogue and showcases on-farm sustainable practices with growers. On ForwardFarms, growers, value chain partners, academia, and scientists engage in dialogue and experience modern sustainable agriculture first-hand.

Would you like to visit the Experience Center in person?

Demo glasshouse

If you would like to take a look at our demo glasshouse, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have a question for our team? Feel free to contact one of our account managers.

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