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Home Gardeners Get New Tomato Hybrids Just in Time for Spring

Spring is officially here and home gardeners are gearing up for planting, which means finding the right seeds to plant. Vegetables by Bayer always has a great selection of vegetable varieties ideal for growing in the back yard. This year, though, there are some new, innovative tomato hybrids available that are full of flavor and even easier to grow thanks to more robust disease resistance offerings, including the new Pink Delicious and PLUS Series tomatoes.

Pink Delicious Tomato

This giant heirloom-style hybrid tomato is a 2022 AAS Winner, so home gardeners know it has been tested for garden performance by a panel of expert judges. With an average weight of about half of a pound per fruit, this crack-resistant tomato will produce plenty to share with friends and family. Noted by AAS judges for its exceptional flavor and fleshy, juicy texture, the ribbed tomato is sure to please any any heirloom lover.

The plant grows up to six feet tall and should be spaced three feet apart. As an additional benefit, AAS judges noted that this early maturing tomato’s hybrid disease resistance and improved germination make it much easier for home gardeners to grow. 

AAS Judges Comments

“What set the entry apart was the excellent flavor.”
“Great tomato in line with one of my favorite tomato trends; heirloom look and flavor with F1 disease resistance and germination (overall easier for home gardeners).”
“Excellent disease resistance! Good flavor and texture!”
“Definitely a winner for an “heirloom” looking tomato, but with all the benefits of a hybrid!”
 “Good flavor, big, fleshy, juicy with sweet tomato taste”

PLUS Series Tomatoes

Nothing tastes more like summer than a good tomato. That’s why home gardeners stick with classic hybrids like Celebrity, Big Beef, Better Boy and Lemon Boy. But pests, including annoying thrips, can introduce unwanted diseases that can wipe out a harvest before they can taste the fruits of their labor. To help gardeners get their tomatoes to the table, Vegetables by Bayer has introduced its new PLUS Series of the classics.

These tomatoes feature “plussed up” disease resistance packages, which were added through our innovative and traditional time-tested breeding methods. Included in the PLUS line-up:


So whether home gardeners want to stick with the classics or want to branch out and try a more robust heirloom style, Vegetables by Bayer has a number of tomato options that can deliver the flavor they want and disease protection they need to have a great tasting summer. To find out where to buy the new tomato hybrids or other fruit and vegetable seeds from Vegetables by Bayer, visit our Where to Buy section, or connect with your rep today.  

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