Innovation Is Where Healthy Begins

When we develop best-in-class seed varieties for our Seminis® and De Ruiter® brands, we care about much more than just selling the seed. We care about making sure it grows beautifully, harvests efficiently, stays hearty in transport, and we strive to meet the taste preferences of consumers. Our goal is to provide seed innovations that help your business and the health of the world.

Why do we focus on developing innovative seed varieties? It’s about you, the grower.

We’re committed to helping grow your business with innovative, high-yield potential varieties that can be resistant to pests, disease and unpredictable growing conditions. We work to stay a step ahead, so you can stay ahead, too. 

We innovate to:

  • Help you overcome your challenges and meet your ever-changing needs
  • Give you the products and support you need to grow your business
  • Help you evolve and adapt faster
  • Provide you with varieties that have the potential to be high-yielding and great-tasting

We do this by bringing together diverse talent, technology and germplasm from around the world to unleash new traits and high-yield potential varieties tailored to your needs and the taste preferences of consumers. 

Healthy begins by predicting the unpredictable.
Young happy women shopping vegetables and fruits on the market


We work to identify consumer preferences so we can develop varieties that meet market demand. We analyze data and use predictive modeling to identify critical information earlier in the pipeline. Using our advanced breeding techniques, we’re working to deliver new traits and varieties faster.

Because more great-tasting produce means business growth for you, and a healthier world for all of us.

Success found in partnership to bring Bayer’s most prestigious tomato variety to market.

Delisher, Bayer’s most prestigious tomato variety, was launched in 2016 under the De Ruiter® brand after years of nurturing by scientists and breeders and in grower trials. “Delisher is a delicious cherry plum tomato that outshines other varieties with its sweet taste, appealing texture and appearance,” says Nico Van Vliet, Global Value Chain Development Lead at Bayer. “What’s more, the tomatoes are strongly attached to their truss – which is a huge benefit that ensures the product will stay intact after harvest.” The variety produces naturally shiny fruits and creates a strong truss that stays attached to the vine for easy transportation. According to Bayer, Delisher is the world’s first snacking plum tomato on the vine, and since the tomatoes stay firmly attached to the truss, there is no plastic packaging required.

The Delisher variety has its origins at FlavourFresh Salads Ltd., one of the key introducers of the variety to the UK market. Founded in 1997, FlavourFresh Salads operates in four locations, with approximately 17.3 hectares of glasshouse production that yield more than 2,700 tons of tomatoes annually. This partnership reinforces Bayer’s commitment to partnering with growers and the value chain in building healthier business and a healthier, more sustainable world. 

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