Organic Vegetable Seeds

Let's grow better together

As part of our commitment to help meet the needs of growers and consumers around the world, Vegetables by Bayer is excited to introduce organic vegetable seeds under the Seminis® and De Ruiter® brands.
More ways to grow.

We believe growers should have the freedom to operate and choose the tools or the growing system that best suits their business, their customers and their local environment.

Our new organic portfolio offers best-in-class varieties and industry-leading disease resistances that will help grow your business and meet consumer demand.


Explore our organic seeds portfolio

Your trusted partner in Organics


The role vegetable growers play in advancing health and nutrition has never been more important. We are committed to partnering across the value chain to deliver innovative vegetable seeds and solutions that help our customers grow healthy businesses so we can all grow a healthier world.

With a dedicated century of agricultural knowledge, experience, and infrastructure, Bayer is building breakthrough organic production and manufacturing processes that meet organic certification standards and inspire fresh, science-driven thinking around modern conventional production. With our history of strong disease resistance genetics, we will continue to focus on breeding the best varieties for consumer and grower needs.

Organic Certification

Vegetables by Bayer is excited to offer organic seeds under the De Ruiter and Seminis seed brands. Our organic seeds are certified organic and meet organic certification requirements for the EU, U.S., Canada, and Mexico. We are committed to producing the highest quality organic seed to meet the diverse needs of growers in these regions.


  • Our organic seeds are certified in compliance with European Council Regulation EC No. 834/2007. 
  • We are certified in compliance with EEC No 2091/92 Regulation.
  • Skal Document Number XXXXXX provides our current certification for organic vegetable seeds.


  • Our organic seeds are certified in the United States through our EU organic certification by Skal and organic equivalency agreements between the EU and the US.


  • Our organic seeds are certified in Canada through our EU organic certification by Skal and organic equivalency agreements between the EU and Canada.


  • Our organic seeds meet the requirements and certification of Mexico Organic Standards (LPO) and are certified by CUC.

An expansion of our current Vegetables by Bayer offerings


Today, we offer certified organic production in three key crops for the greenhouse and glasshouse market: tomato, sweet pepper, and cucumber.

Explore our organic seeds portfolio to see which product is right for your operation.



Contact your local seed representative to learn more about our organic vegetable seeds portfolio and discover which variety is best for your operation.
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