Growing better, together.

Seminis is now part of Vegetables by Bayer.

A Tradition of Excellence

Seminis is proud to operate on the belief that every generation can be better than the last. It’s a principle that goes well beyond innovative vegetable seed development. We believe that if tomorrow is to be better for our partners, it’s up to us to work in collaboration to make it so.

This strongly held conviction allows us to fully understand and deliver on the unique needs of open-field and greenhouse growers. Partnering with everyone from fresh market growers to processing professionals, and small scale to large commercial farmers, we offer more than 20 different crops in more than 150 countries and territories. 

Together, we can do even more

Now, as part of Vegetables by Bayer, the quality you’ve come to expect from Seminis can be found at an even more powerful scale. With our vast networks of research and development, as well as our local presence, we’ll have an even greater ability to support our partners with custom solutions. 

What this means for your business

Your growing environment provides a wide range of challenges. We’re constantly innovating to help you to overcome those challenges so that you can maintain a steady customer base and grow your business. We know that when we can partner with you to help you provide products that look and taste delicious, we all succeed. Because we’re not just growing your bottom line. We’re growing the health of the world. 

Growing beyond

By continuing to act on our conviction that each generation can improve on the last, we’re proud to partner with you to adapt and address the ever-changing needs of your business. In a job where unpredictability is the norm, together, we know we can work to manage risks and more predictably supply the needs of the market in order to provide nutrition for all.

What challenges can we address for you? Connect with a local team member who will ensure you find the best products for your business. 
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