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Boy oh boy this is a great tomato! Lemon Boy Plus has all the best qualities of the original Lemon Boy, plus added flavor and disease resistance. Lemon Boy Plus is the improvement of Lemon Boy with High Resistance to Tomato mosaic virus strain 0-2, Tomato torrado virus, Fusarium wilt race 1-3 and Fusarium crown and root rot. This tomato has a unique yellow color and a sweet, tangy flavor. Lemon Boy Plus will liven any salad or side dish.

  • Improved disease package and higher brix than Lemon boy


  • Uniform fruit shape and size
  • Improved disease package with Tomato torrado virus, Fusarium crown and root rot, Fusarium wilt race 1-3, Tomato mosaic virus
  • Firmness and less radial cracking
  • Higher average degrees brix value than the original Lemon Boy


  • Higher quality and higher average degrees brix value than Lemon Boy
  • Better shelf life due to firmness
  • Offer more quality than our actual yellow material

Agronomic Tips

  • maintain humidity during the fruit setting

Disease Resistance

Disease Resistance (HR)


Disease Resistance (IR)



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