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AAS Regional Winner

This giant heirloom-style hybrid tomato is as pink as it is delicious! With an average weight of about half of a pound per fruit, this crack-resistant titan of a tomato will be sure to please any heirloom lover. Plant this variety and it won’t take long to discover these enormous, ribbed, garden gifts will produce plenty to share with friends and family. Heap this hefty tomato on burgers and BLTs or simply slice it up with some salt and pepper. This tomato is delicious any way you slice it! With a great disease resistance package and a heavenly flavor, Pink Delicious will be a garden favorite for generations to come.

  • Very productive, low cracking, consistently large tomatoes


  • Beautiful pink color, high average fruit weight, low radial cracking, Tomato mosaic virus resistance


  • Pink color to complement the portfolio, competitive sizes, good harvest quality, good disease package
  • All-American Selections® Regional Winner

Disease Resistance

Disease Resistance (HR)



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