Growing quality. Growing opportunities.

How we’re partnering with growers in greenhouses and other protected growing environments. 
As an innovative vegetable seed company, we consider our role to go far beyond the seed. We’re working to help you grow your dependability and your opportunities. 

Growing your dependability

Your business faces unique challenges. You’re under pressure to consistently match the market’s need for high-quality yet affordable vegetables. We’re prepared to help you address those challenges with tailored solutions. Working directly with you, we can ensure you have the high-performing selections that will allow you to meet these very specific demands. So that your customers get the quality they deserve – and you get peace-of-mind. 

Unearthing new opportunities

As the needs of your partners and customers change, so can we. Using our global network and partnerships, we have the ability to anticipate growing trends and develop shared solutions to help improve future success for the entire value chain. We’re committed to evolving and innovating along with you to continue to bring you pioneering solutions that will grow your business. 

We believe that growing your business will lead to growing the health of the world.


Let’s get started. Connect with a local team member who can ensure you have solutions you can depend on.
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