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Woodland Veg R&D site – 50th Anniversary

From aggressive diseases and pest pressures to climate shifts, labor shortages and evolving consumer preferences, growers are facing more and more challenges in their work to grow nutritious and great-tasting fruits and vegetables. Innovation is critical in helping growers overcome those obstacles and ensuring consumers have access to healthy foods. That’s why for 50 years Bayer’s Research & Development site in Woodland, Calif., has been at the heart of driving that purposeful progress.

The Story of Woodland

Established in1972, our Woodland Research Station initially focused on developing tomato hybrids resistant to a particular disease, and through the years it has always been evolving. Find out more about our history and where we are today, by sliding through our timeline below.

Moments at Woodland

Our world keeps changing and growers have had to navigate through changes quickly, and to help them do that, we have a hub for innovation: our Woodland Research Station. At the station we do things like identify new disease-resistant hybrids, use cutting edge technology to drive sustainable solutions, and continue to bring forward the best products that help growers in North America and around the world.

Technology and Innovation

The Bayer Vegetables team keeps bringing in advanced technology to expedite the plant breeding process and create solutions to meet the market's needs.

Take a closer look at some of our Vegetables R&D Innovation Stories by clicking the photos below.

The Agriculture and Innovation Showcase in Our Woodland Fields

The world is in need of agricultural innovation, and at Bayer we respond to that need. 
In 2019, we hosted the Agriculture and Innovation Showcase to share the exchange of crucial information with the examination of cutting-edge technology and techniques, that took place between industry innovators from across the world and the Crop Science division of Bayer, along with its De Ruiter and Seminis brands at our Woodland fields.

Thanks to extensive video and photo coverage we hope to give you a glimpse into the event and all the ideas and innovation that was shared.

Woodland brings together the industry’s best to advance agriculture. We test new technologies that help us capture real-time data about crops in the field. Our scientists research advanced genetics. We created the first Green Farm to test how the farm scape and biodiverse ecosystems can help farmers improve soil and plant health more sustainably. And our work with start-ups made us one of the first companies to test the benefits of planting cover crops in improving water management and controlling undesirable weeds.
J.D. RossouwHead of Vegetables R&D at Bayer’s Crop Science Division
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