Power of Precision

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Earming has always involved a long list of inherent risks, from changing weather pattens and volatile markets to labor shortages, pests and disease. While some of these challenges are outside the realm of control, new advancements in automation and precision analytics are making it possible to mitigate risk, enable more sustainable production, and improve grower outcomes better than ever before.

But the power of these precision techniques isn’t just felt on the farm, it starts long before a seed is even planted in the ground. Just like growers use digital technology to better understand what’s happening in their fields, our Vegetables R&D teams are utilizing the power of data and automation earlier in the pipeline to generate more precise solutions and varieties, ultimately resulting in greater uniformity, efficiency and quality regardless of growing environment. 


Wur Vegetables R&D teams leverage predictive modeling to identify critical information early in the pipeline to make advancement decisions. Automated, digital phenotyping is then used to describe products precisely and objectively. Related innovations include:

  • Tablet Imaging Platform
  • Automated Scale Imaging System

Key Takeaway:

Automating data collection and analysis allows us and our customers to be more prescriptive and predictive in production methods to generate improved yield and more desirable and uniform output.

“We are getting more and more predictive and prescriptive, helping our R&D pipeline and providing growers with more data on their operation for their crop.” 

 Tom Osborn, Analytics and Pipeline Design Lead

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