Speedier Solutions to Growers’ Toughest Challenges

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In a world of exponential change and uncertainty, our customers and value chain partners can’t afford to wait around for solutions to new disease pressures, unpredictable weather patterns or rapidly changing market demands. The success of each crop, each season, can have significant impact on the bottom line and long-term sustainability of an operation.

That’s where our Vegetables R&D teams come in. With our innovative R&D strategy, we are tackling these challenges head-on using advanced breeding techniques that help speed up the time to market for new varieties, while maintaining the uniformity and quality the market demands. In doing so, we’re helping growers respond to unexpected challenges of today while staying ahead of changing market and environmental dynamics well into the future.


With our industry-leading R&D investment and diverse talent, we’ve developed the skills and expertise to substantially decrease time to market depending on the crop using two key technologies:

  • Double Haploids (DH)
  • Rapid Cycling

Key Takeaway:

By enabling the development and scaling of advanced breeding technologies like double haploids and rapid cycling, we’re able to unlock innovative, high quality traits to help solve grower challenges faster than ever before.

“It’s not just about speed. It’s about why speed matters to a grower’s operation.  Even two years faster can have enormous impact in bringing better products to the consumer’s table.” 
Jennifer Petersen, Head of Global Accelerated Genetics

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