Global Diversity, Local Delivery

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Every farm and every farmer have distinct needs when it comes to seed varieties that best meet local environmental and market requirements. But this localized approach doesn’t mean we can’t leverage the natural diversity of vegetable species – and vegetable experts – worldwide to discover new solutions.

As part of our innovative Vegetables R&D strategy, we are bringing together diverse talent, technology and germplasm from around the world to unleash new traits tailored to the local needs of customers. Through collaboration and advancements in genomic technology, our Vegetables R&D organization is scaling our ability to provide even more diverse and sustainable solutions to customer needs worldwide, while maintaining the same localized approach and adaptability we’re known for.


We believe in collaboration across everything we do, including in the way we organize our teams and utilize the breadth of our global resources. Key components of this strategy include:

  • Collaborative Breeding Teams
  • Predictive Breeding Technology

Key Takeaway:

Growers will always require localized solutions to succeed, but by leveraging the collective power of our Vegetables R&D teams and resources across Bayer, we have a greater ability than ever before to deliver new, innovative solutions for our customers that we may have never thought possible.

“Diverse and globally adapted germplasm provide solutions to growers and enable them to grow a high-quality product in a region or time of year that they couldn’t before” 

– Meindert Boon, Head of Brassica & Leafy breeding EMEA

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