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High Rise®

Titanium - benefiting the grower by giving improved field holding, increased head-weight and improved shelf life. This variety has a fine bead size with heavy dense florets. Harvest efficiencies are improved with the use of this variety due to reduced number of leaves to remove and increased harvest uniformity. Titanium matures at a similar timing to our current market standard Ironman.

  • A main season broccoli with very dense crowns and excellent harvest efficiency
  • Grow Days: 70-80 days (UK)
  • Grow Days: 65-70 days (Nordics North)
  • Grow Days: 70-80 days (Nordics South and Baltics)


  • Dense, smooth, heavy crown
  • Fine bead size
  • Easy to harvest with less leaves to remove
  • Smooth stem with less scarring


  • Ideally suited to both loose and pre-pack production
  • Improved shelf life and field holding
  • Comfortably meets market specification without losing head quality

Agronomic Tips

  • Can suffer in hot conditions in summer and turn purple/brown. Program accordingly ie Early Summer and Autumn in hotter climates in North Europe. Planting Density: 32,000-38,000 plants/ha. Grow Days: 70-80 days (UK); 65-70 days (Nordics North); 70-80 days (Nordics South and Baltics).


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