Join the British Tomato Fortnight 2024

From Monday, 27 May 2024 to Sunday, 9 June 2024, we'll be celebrating the start of the tomato season in the UK, with our annual two-week consumer focused campaign, dedicated to the wonderfully juicy and nutritious tomatoes grown right here in Britain!

We are proud to see many UK growers cultivating British tomatoes from the Vegetables by Bayer portfolio. We are happy that we are contributing to delivering to UK consumers, tasty tomatoes of different colours, shapes and sizes.


Keep an eye out for British De Ruiter tomatoes

Known as British Tomato Fortnight, this 14-day festivity puts British tomatoes in the spotlight. Throughout this period, keep an eye out for British De Ruiter tomatoes. We will be enthusiastically joining  this tomato-themed celebration.

British Tomato Fortnight is all about honoring the exceptional quality of locally grown tomatoes, which thrive in our country's unpredictable climate under the shelter of glasshouses. British tomato growers are also pioneers in sustainable practices, utilising techniques such as rainwater irrigation and bumblebee pollination to harmonize with nature, showcasing their commitment to eco-friendly cultivation methods.

DR_BTF_strabini tomato_basis

British tomatoes are worth celebrating

In the UK, tomatoes hold a special place in our hearts and diets. We devour approximately 500,000 tonnes of them annually, averaging about 160 grams per person per week—equivalent to two quintessential British tomatoes weekly, or over 100 per year!

About one-fifth of the tomatoes consumed in the UK are locally grown.

Renowned for their exceptional flavor, British-grown tomatoes are selected based on taste, as well as shelf life, as they're distributed locally. These tomatoes ripen on the vine for longer, absorbing maximum flavour before gracing your plate. They taste like home and are easy and quick to prepare! Eat them raw and you’ll have a nice alternative to sweet snacks!

Furthermore, British tomatoes are environmentally friendly, with significantly reduced food miles compared to imported varieties.

DR_BTF_strabini tomato_basis
DR_BTF_strabini tomato_basis
DR_BTF_strabini tomato_basis
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