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As a global leader, Seminis aims to be a company focused on the needs of farmers and growers. To achieve this, we have launched Idea Exchange (IX), a platform in which we can build stronger connections with you and also provide local solutions using global innovations. With these networking events we want to become an ally to you, not only with our genetics but also with the support of our partners, who are experts and innovators in diverse areas of the industry. United we gather many solutions in one place to fulfill our mission of helping farmers feed the world.


Our bright green fields in San Juan Bautista were the launch site for our inaugural Idea Exchange (iX) event!

In this very first instance of our networking experience, we met with fellow innovators in our California experimental station to tackle specific issues that every broccoli grower may face, not only in the Golden State but everywhere in the world. Seminis is proud to present you all these different solutions, services, and technologies for the benefit of your farm. Discover iX in this digital format!

System Trials

One of the ways in which we at Seminis intend to offer innovative solutions in our iX events is through our System Trials.

In these we show the result of the experiments we’ve conducted with new crop management methods, sowing practices, and agricultural techniques, so that you as a grower may avoid taking risks at your fields and go straight to production.

Innovation Wheel

Aiming to share with you the thought-process behind our crop breeding, we have created Innovation Wheel, in which we don’t just show our new varieties and innovative agricultural practices, but also we can review the evolution of Seminis’ brassicas development: how it was done in the past, the methods we use and offer in the present, and our plans for the future of this crop. Take a look to the following video series in which you can watch the steps we displayed at our IX event concerning different topics and processes of broccoli production.


Being the host of iX, Seminis brings all growers and people involved in agriculture to continue the conversation in the industry. We don’t limit ourselves to the genetics we offer, we also focus on the solutions that our fellow innovators can share us from their areas of expertise. In these videos you can watch the different technologies and crop managing methods experienced in these events.

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