iX Innovation Wheel

Seminis® Brassica IX Event

In the following videos you can watch the steps we displayed at our IX event concerning different topics and processes of broccoli production, and the evolution of Seminis’ brassicas development throughout the years.

Step 1. Evolution of Breeding

The development of new and better crop breeds takes a long while to be completed, but with our new technologies we have decreased the time needed to complete this process, while still making 100% uniform hybrids.

Step 2. Crop Rotation

In this station we show the evolution of broccoli and brassicas in general and how they have been used in crop rotation and other agricultural practices due to the characteristics they possess.

Step 3. Ease of Harvesting

Concerned in making the harvesting process less labor-intensive, we have developed High Rise broccoli which makes work easier for growers by its head height and uniformity.

Step 4. Processing

In this step you can check out how our genetic development has resulted in greener and juicier broccoli varieties which will benefit both growers and consumers.

Step 5. Evolution Block

The goal of this station is to show you a side-to-side comparison between conventional broccoli and our new varieties that respond to the needs of each costumer.

Step 6. Cauliflower Breeding

Growers need to have quality crops that also remain uniform throughout the year. To give this issue an innovative solution we have developed our new cauliflower varieties that maintain their flavor and white color no matter the conditions.

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