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Ferreira is an early producing beef tomato hybrid with high yield potential, good quality fruits and Intermediate Resistance to ToBRFV.

  • Early producing and high yield potential
  • Average fruit weight of 250-260 grams
  • Intermediate Resistance to ToBRFV


  • Generative plant
  • Open plant habit
  • Early fruit producing hybrid
  • Suitable for fall plantings and year round production environments


  • Good fruit quality throughout the crop cycle

Agronomic Tips

  • 3 to 3.6 stems/m2 AFW varies depending on pruning strategy and stem density. Prone to fruit fall under low light levels. Apply crop practices to minimize fruit fall. Provide vegetative steering and manage to max head density to provide adequate microclimate and good leaf area index. Vigor is very limited and average fruit weight will drop in the 2nd part of the crop cycle. Graft 1:1

Disease Resistance

Disease Resistance (HR)


Disease Resistance (IR)



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