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Keystone is a long English cucumber for winter, and potentially fall crops, with high total yield potential, high percentage marketable fruits and Intermediate Resistance to Cucumber green mottle mosaic.​

  • Good percentage early and total medium fruits


  • Generative Hybrid
  • Good Fruit Quality
  • High Total Yield Potential
  • Good Plant Vigor at Crop End
  • Open Plant Habit
  • Good Fruit Setting and Resetting
  • Good Side Shoot Vigor throughout the Crop Cycle
  • Suitable for Umbrella and Potentially High Wire Environments
  • Uniform Fruit Size, Dark Green, Nice Rib and Limited Bottlenecked Fruits
  • Suitable for Winter, and Potential Fall Crops


  • Early access to market with medium fruits
  • Constant production of medium fruits
  • Extended crop possible

Agronomic Tips

  • Planting rate: 1.50 – 1.55 plants / m2 Recommended planting time: Winter -Late December and January; Fall - September

Disease Resistance

Disease Resistance (HR)


Disease Resistance (IR)



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