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Pennybridge is a stem broccoli type for the Western U.S. When compared to BC1611, this hybrid has slower maturity, improved yield potential & field holding and allows growers less in field “flower set'. With tight small florets, medium sized bead structure and long smooth “spear like” stems, this stem broccoli has few small edible leaves great for grilling and roasting.

  • Few small edible leaves great for grilling and roasting


  • Dark green smooth stems with minimal leaves
  • Baby florets with tight medium beads and small pedicels
  • Great adaptability in warm and cool coastal weather conditions


  • Less stem trim and improved “ stem tenderness” over Sibsey and less side shoots than BC1611
  • Improved field holding over BC1611 and limited flower set in cool – warm conditions
  • Great yield potential for multiple picks

Agronomic Tips

  • Planting Density: 8-10” spacing recommended -- 31,000 – 39,000 Seeds /Acre. Use caution if extending multiple picks in arid sandy grounds under warm conditions. Stems can become “woody'. Great adaptability in cool and warm coastal conditions; can plant all season long. Lends itself to be a good alternative to BC1611 in the warm season.


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