Collaborations in the Vegetable Industry

Produce for Better Health Foundation

Did you know? For every $10,000 contribution, PBH leverages $50 million in Fruits & Veggies—More Matters® marketing efforts. This organization pulls together everyone from the seed suppliers to the grocery stores to ensure consumers have the correct information when it comes to fruits and vegetables. These are a few of the initiatives PBH orchestrates to promote fruit and vegetable consumption throughout the entire value chain:

  • PBH Annual Conference: Over 200 marketing, research and health professionals come together to learn about the produce industry and network with other professionals. There are speakers and information sessions which provide education and insight to the attendees about produce and food.
  • Reaching Moms & Families Through the Internet, Media, and Social Media: PBH actively wants to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables to consumers as well as the public and private sectors. One way they have found it to be effective is through the utilization of the internet, media and social media to ensure that the correct messages and information reach different audiences. This is a continued commitment and one the organization feels strongly about. You can see with information on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on the web at and
  • Reaching Moms & Families Through Supermarket Dietitians: PBH is recognized as one of the premiere organizations working with Supermarket Registered Dietitians, and a noted key resource and subject matter expert for fruit and vegetable information and resources. Increasingly, consumers are leveraging the knowledge and support of Supermarket Dietitians to assist them with food purchases and nutrition information. PBH works with a vast network of supermarket dietitians from independent retailers to large, national, multi-chain retailers. PBH’s understanding of consumers, combined with the strong relationship we have with supermarket dietitians, ideally positions PBH to provide programs like the annual conference and summit and to unite members of the fruit and vegetable industry with these professionals.
  • Reaching Moms & Families Through the Support of Suppliers: The Fruits & Veggies—More Matters logo is making a difference at the point of purchase. When seeing the logo on pack, 53% of surveyed moms self-reported in 2014 that they are likely to purchase that product, up from 40% in 2009 when this question was first asked and higher than the 48% in 2013.For more information on this organization check out their website at:
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