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De Ruiter®

Splash is a mini cucumber hybrid with uniform fruit quality, good plant vigor and excellent tasting fruits with Intermediate Resistance to Cucumber green mottle.

  • Uniform fruit quality
  • Open plant with good vigor throughout the crop cycle
  • Intermediate Resistance to Cucumber green mottle


  • Open plant habit
  • Medium sized leaves
  • Combination of good taste and crunchiness
  • Dark green exterior fruit color
  • Good shelf life
  • Produces self-terminating side shoots
  • Suitable for all crop cycles
  • Suitable for umbrella and high wire systems
  • High yield potential


  • Strong vigor at crop end enabling an extended crop cycle
  • Suitable for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall crop cycles

Agronomic Tips

  • Environment: -Heated glasshouse -Umbrella and high wire crop system -Suitable for all crop cycles (year-round) Planting rate: Umbrella ~ 1.8 / m2 High wire ~ 3.0 /m2

Disease Resistance

Disease Resistance (HR)


Disease Resistance (IR)



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