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High Rise™ Broccoli

Raised head type with less harvest passes 

High Rise™ broccoli is a concept which Seminis has been working on since the early 1980s. Our Breeders' vision was to provide our growers with broccoli varieties which could be mechanically harvested across the globe.


In 2016, we decided to dedicate a separate brand just to these types of broccoli and the High Rise™ brand was born. With High Rise™ the sky is the limit and all varieties across the globe within this brand are named after tall buildings. From this unique set of Seminis genetics growers can harvest broccoli crowns that are firm and heavy. Uniform maturity, competitive yield and consistent product quality means High Rise™ can give less harvest passes improving crop profitability.

The most important characteristics of High Rise™

  • Uniform maturity
  • Fewer large leaves leading to a cleaner stem
  • Competitive yield and crown quality
  • Improved crown visibility for a better and easier harvest
  • Suitable for machine harvest

Learn more about why our High Rise™ varieties stand out from the rest...

Meindert Boon is Seminis' Brassica breeder who led the development of High Rise™ broccoli types. In this video from the 2018 Seminis Brassica IX event in California, Meindert discusses the High Rise™ innovation. 

Thanks to its raised head, Titanium allows greater efficiency at Harvest. Just how much?

Watch and find out...

Our latest broccoli varieties from the High Rise™ range...


Eiffel is a High Rise™ type developed to reduce labour during harvest. Improved uniformity, visible crowns and less trim make is easy for growers to harvest by hand or machine.


Head Shape: Medium dome

Bead Size: Fine to medium

Season: Spring/Summer

Maturity: 10-13 weeks


Titatnium is a High-Rise™ type with good airflow allowing for reduced labour costs at harvest. It has a firm head with fine beads that minimises damage from water soaking head rot. The long, clean stem is quick to cut and as a highly uniform broccoli, number of passes are reduced at harvest.

Head Shape: Dome

Bead Size: Fine 

Season: Cool Transition

Maturity: 10-11 weeks

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