De Ruiter Experience Centre Australia

De Ruiter has long led the way in delivering outstanding seed development that growers can rely on for quality, operational reliability and returns. Traditional grower and innovation days were key to engaging with our customers providing opportunities for on-site collaboration, networking and education.  The team at De Ruiter know all too well how important it is for our growers to stay ahead of the latest trials and trends in particular how these varieties perform under local conditions.

We partnered with local South Australian grower Peter Petsios - SA Tomatoes and brought the De Ruiter Experience Centre Australia to life! The center is a traditional 7m high glasshouse with a raised gutter system, energy screen and misting system.  Each year we bring pre-commercial and commercial varieties to trial under local conditions, giving our growers the opportunity to interact with our products in real-time and at their convenience.

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De Ruiter Experience Centre Australia goes virtual!

De Ruiter is committed to delivering innovative breeding programs with our industry- leading research and development and teams of passionate employees around the world. We have the power and the reach to innovate quickly and together we’ll ensure you can supply your customers with products that transport well, look beautiful and taste delicious. Please enjoy this virtual tour featuring our latest tomato varieties and let’s grow better together!

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The 360 degree virtual tour brings the glasshouse to life where you can walk the rows to view the crops and watch informative videos out of the glasshouse. The hot spot function will show you a map of the glasshouse allowing you to quickly view any variety. The virtual experience is packed with information and visual content to inspire our growers for their next planting. Click the button below and see how simple and easy it is to enjoy all that De Ruiter has to offer at your fingertips!

We are ready to help you choose the right variety for your next planting. Contact your local De Ruiter representative to get started.



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