Our partnership with processing professionals.

How we’re partnering with open field growers.
We’re more than your innovative vegetable seed provider. In everything we do, we’re working to ensure you have a healthier yield.  

Growing your profit

As a processing professional, you have unique needs. You expect harvested product to come in at the scheduled time, in the expected amount and then have little of it lost in processing – all while managing costs. As your growth partner, we’re able to help make sure your needs are met by providing high-quality product that results in a healthier output. Our portfolio of varieties for the processing market has the proven qualities to produce great shape, color and taste – which, in turn, means greater profit.  

You have a partner in processing

We recognize that today’s challenges can’t be faced alone. So, we aim to be more than a seed provider. We’re your growth partner to help you solve your business problems. From developing tailored innovations that increase output to crafting digital solutions that will help you better plan your business, we’re with you every step of the way. With a focus on efficiency, consistency and reliability, we’re here to help create healthier yields and margins.  

We know that a better yield for you means more nourishment for the world.

Let’s get to work to ensure a healthier harvest that will lead to a healthier world. Connect with a local team member who will ensure you have solutions to help maximize your yield.
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