Vegetables By Bayer

Healthy for the world, healthy for your business. 

A diverse portfolio. A simple mission.

With more than 20 different crops and thousands of innovative vegetable seed selections, we’re proud to support a diverse range of growers around the world. Together, we’re growing your business and supporting a healthier world. 

Explore our products. Select your growing environment.

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Protected Culture

Localized Farming

Let's Grow Better Together.

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Let’s grow a healthier tomorrow.

We believe we all have a role in growing a prosperous future for people and our planet. We are committed to finding new solutions that help achieve more sustainable harvests while working collaboratively with growers and partners across the value chain. 

Cultivating a passion for performance.

From the products we sell to the services we offer; we are eager to deliver leading performance for our customers and partners every day. See how we’re actively working to develop better quality and performance across our entire portfolio. 

Your partner in growth.

We’re more than an innovative vegetable seed company. We’re in business to help you grow a healthier business and a healthier world. Our innovations go beyond the seed to ensure that you meet the demands of both your market and your growing environment. And our commitment to partnership goes beyond the day-to-day to ensure that together we can grow the nutrition that people around the world need to thrive. 

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