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Ideal for multiple picks, Darlington produces high quality fruit that maintain consistency in both size and uniformity. Its multi-virus disease resistance helps enable higher yield potential. *This product is commercially sold as a blend of the named gynoecious hybrid and a pollinator variety.

Unique Selling Points

  • A high yield potential, multi-virus disease resistant slicing cucumber


  • Very smooth, dark green fruit
  • High resistance to Watermelon mosaic virus, Zucchini yellow mosaic virus, angular leaf spot, and scab
  • Intermediate resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus, Papaya ringspot virus, target spot, anthracnose race 1, and powdery mildew


  • Maintains consistency in size and uniformity
  • Strong plant helps enable high yield potential
  • Dark fruit with great length and shape helps achieve better grades of fruit
  • Highly productive slicing cucumber

Disease Resistance

Disease Resistance (HR)


Disease Resistance (IR)



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