Growing better, together.

De Ruiter is now part of Vegetables by Bayer.

Pioneering Innovation

Since the 1500’s, pioneers in the Netherlands have led the world’s breakthroughs in seed science. This rich heritage of innovation is what drives De Ruiter forward. We strive to advance the science of greenhouse and glasshouse production not only for today, but far into the future. It’s a passion we’ll carry forth, generation after generation.

Dedicated to serving protected-culture growers, De Ruiter’s commitment to research & development and innovative breeding programs means we consistently lead the field in tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, and other crops suited for the protected environment. But what we are most proud of is our enduring partnership with growers. 

De Ruiter’s research & development

Stronger together

Now, as part of Vegetables by Bayer, the precision and innovation you’ve come to expect from De Ruiter can be found at an even more powerful scale. Using our global network and partnerships, we’ll have the ability to anticipate market trends and develop shared solutions to help grow future success for the entire value chain.

De Ruiter’s vegetable product range

What this means for your business

Our global presence means that the unique challenges you face as a protected-culture grower can now be met with more tailored solutions. And, while breeding the best products is an important start, we know that breeding close relationships and day-to-day interactions are the keys to our long-term success. At Bayer, we strive to partner more closely with you. We know that together, we can grow the health of your business, and the health of the world. 

A commitment to growth

Our pledge to grow your business extends far into the future. We know your needs are constantly changing along with the needs of the industry and consumers around the world. We are committed to evolving and innovating along with you. This commitment will empower not only your growth, but the well-being of people everywhere. Let’s work together to ensure your crops provide exactly what people want, and need, to thrive.

Let’s create an enduring partnership. Connect with a local team member who will ensure you find the best products for your business.
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