Choosing the right rootstock has never been so easy!

This Rootmap is especially developed to help you choose the most adapted rootstock for your tomato scion. The below selection tool contains 6 questions. Based on your answers, you will receive a personalised recommendation. 

Our Rootstocks

Discover the promising De Ruiter rootstocks - DRO141TX, Equifort, and Maxifort. Dive into all the specifications and benefits that these rootstocks have to offer and take your tomato cultivation to the next level.

Explore our rootstocks virtually now

This year we are making a series of vlogs to tell you more about our commercial rootstock portfolio. In these vlogs we take a look at the De Ruiter rootstocks: Equifort, Maxifort and DRO141TX. The choice of your rootstock is the key to your success, in the first edition André Schaap takes you into the greenhouse. ​​​​​​​Are you watching?

Connect with a local team member for more information on the rootstock of your choice.  Click here to find your local team member.

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