It’s our mission to help you make your operation as successful as possible. That’s why we provide robust resources, from agronomic expertise to breeder insights, to help you achieve your goals for your operation. 

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Agronomic Spotlights

These Agronomic Spotlights serve as an educational resource for growers, breeders and everyone in between. Immerse yourself in a wide range of critical agronomic topics and helpful tips for a variety of crops.


Cultivation Insights

Our cultivation insights provide growers with the latest tips, tools and technologies available for protected culture growing environments, from seed and crop advice to day-to-day management.



It’s one thing to hear about innovation, but it’s even more important to see it. With Vegetables by Bayer, we host and participate in events for our growers, customers and partners. Learn more about upcoming Vegetable by Bayer events.


Learn what’s new at Vegetables by Bayer straight from the source.



Growers face enormous pressure each year and to keep up with growing demands, innovation is key. To help growers adapt and evolve faster, Bayer Vegetable Seeds has created and implemented new and advanced breeding technologies to keep up with the evolution of plant breeding.

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