Success starts with a seed.

Partnering with smallholder growers.


We’re more than a provider of vegetable seeds, we’re your partner in growth. Together, we can improve lives while sustainably advancing health and nutrition around the world.


Growing your livelihood

As a smallholder grower, we know that you face incredibly unique challenges. We are committed to supporting you with unique solutions. Our global team of local experts provides us an opportunity to work directly with you to more fully understand the challenges you face on your farm. So that we can provide affordable, quality seeds best suited to your local growing conditions. Our diverse portfolio and matching technical expertise will help you improve your yields – and the predictability of your income, while increasing overall efficiency. 


Growing the health of your community

We know that when we work together to ensure you have solutions tailored to your specific needs, it will yield the healthiest of outcomes. Your products will look great, travel well and taste delicious, but most importantly, they will provide the nutrients your family and your communities need to thrive. So, we are committed to working tirelessly to create solutions that minimize your risk and maximize your income. Because we know that in doing so, we’re maximizing the potential to feed a community.


We’re ready to help you face your challenges. Connect with a local team member who will help find solutions for your needs.


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