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A new leader. A new vision.

JD Rossouw is the Head of Vegetables Research & Development at Bayer Crop Science. He’s a plant breeder by training and brings more than 22 years of experience in the global agriculture industry. JD is committed to innovation and is leading our research and development transformation, which keeps grower needs at the forefront. Watch this video to learn more about JD and his vision:

A collaborative approach to breeding

We’ve implemented collaborative breeding pipeline teams (CBPT) to help identify and bring you potentially stronger varieties in a shorter amount of time. The teams leverage experts from the Bayer global network and expand our capabilities to add specialists to gather and analyse more data. Their insights allow us to implement more predictive and advanced breeding technologies, providing varieties that can potentially increase yield and profitability, while providing more sustainable solutions for your operation. 

More boots on the ground

As part of these advanced breeding technologies, our Market Development Team (MD) will work side-by-side with growers and retailers in order to collect new and improved data insights while helping work through any challenges you may have on the field. The goal is always to find better solutions for growers more quickly.

Your local success

To give MD team members more time to walk and talk with growers in the field, the R&D team is developing a core group that will take over early pipeline trials. MD team members will continue to work closely with R&D to make sure they are communicating grower challenges and needs, ensuring we bring forward the strongest varieties backed by meaningful data. MDRs will then share that information with you so that you have the insights needed to make better informed decisions about your variety and management decisions.

Let us answer your questions

Who will be my direct contact now?
While our teams may look different, how you work with our breeders does not change. Our collaborative breeding teams are based regionally and will serve as your direct contacts. This will allow you to have one contact who can provide you with all the information you need. We encourage our Breeders to bring in specialists on an as-needed basis to provide better understanding within a specialized field.

Because the reach and capabilities of our regional teams have expanded, they will be even more available to you. Together, we’ll all work toward the goal of developing stronger, more high-yield potential producing varieties, bringing them to the market at a faster rate and improving the health of the world. 

How is this going to affect me?
These updates are designed to provide you with more profitable and sustainable products that can potentially increase yield and profitability on the farm, while delivering traits that meet demands for our world today.

What direct benefits will the increase in insights bring me?
The increase in available data supports better trials with the ultimate goal of developing better performing crops with higher yield potential and quicker commercial availability.

More questions? Feel free to contact us.

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