Tomorrow's Seeds Today

April 23, 2020

Tomorrow's Seeds Today


Pushing for continuous improvement and cutting-edge innovations that benefit growers, retailers and end consumers is at the core of everything we do. The following videos illustrate how our breeding-centric approach addresses industry issues head on—reducing the likelihood they become your issues. Explore each topic and our seed-based solutions below.


Our seeds are bred to thrive within their intended growing zone, no matter what challenges the season brings. Through our process, we deliver consistent performance and resilience to a range of conditions with every seed—season after season.


Automation has the potential to lower costs and improve sustainability. Our seeds are optimized to meet the needs of both mechanized and non-mechanized operations to ensure a smooth harvest for every grower.

Consumer Demand

With more choices than ever before, consumers are looking to get more out of their vegetables in every bite. By predicting and breeding for consumer preferences, we help farmers deliver the taste and quality their end customers demand.

Extending Freshness

Today, growers and retailers alike are searching for ways to cut down on food waste that shrinks their bottom line. Achieving that goal starts with the seed, which is why we’re working to extend the window of freshness forevery variety.

Water Efficiency

Due to changes in population and climate, demand for water is on the rise—in agriculture and beyond. That’s why we’re breeding varieties that perform in both water-scarce and water-rich regions while increasing our customers’ water efficiency.

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