Collaborations in the Vegetable Industry

Center for Produce Safety

CPS’ valuable content ranges from ready-to-use, science-based solutions to industry-specific research that provides proven results. CPS’s mission Fund the Science, Find Solutions and Fuel the Change provides the basis for research decisions and action plans. Below you can find some of the information they share with growers.

CPS Knowledge Transfer Task Force

Monthly Articles

CPS publishes texts on different research projects to provide agronomic solutions. Here are a couple of CPS’ most recent articles.

• Project looks at Listeria risk for nontraditional salad ingredients.

• Researchers use next-generation tests to ID viruses.

Research Grant Programs and Awards

Here you can find announcements about the grant opportunities CPS offers and news on awards, like our most recent one, the Grower’s Risk Assessment Biomarkers Investigative Tool challenge; to read more about its details, click the link below.

• CPS GRABIT Award and Innovation Challenge.

2019 CPS Annual Symposium

We will be uploading weekly updates on our Annual Symposium, which will be held on June 18 and 19, 2019, in Austin, Texas, hoping that all the applicable research shown could be the next best practice on your fields.

• Follow this link to learn more about the event on the words of Dave Corsi, one of our industry representatives – 2019 CPS Research Symposium.

The CPS Video Library

Agronomic recommendations from experts, event recaps, the latest technology and growing methods, and more. Expect more videos to be added soon to our growing library!

• Visit CPS’ library and get all the info you need.

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