A clear alternative for growers with its high yield potential

Introducing Caribou, the latest main season carrot variety from Seminis. Caribou gives uniform roots with good storage potential. Caribou is sown from March-May in the UK and mid April to May in Nordics/Baltics at a density of 1.6-1.8 million seeds per hectare for harvest from September-March in the UK and September-November in Nordics/Baltics. This makes Caribou a useful alternative to the standard carrot varieties.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Nice, smooth and uniform roots
  • Good tolerance to breakage
  • High percentage of marketable carrots
  • Good storage potential

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The Seminis range:

  • Carvora is an early season carrot with uniform roots which is suitable for fresh market production
  • Carruba an early carrot with strong bolting tolerance suitable for sowing from December to March
  • Caribou is a main season variety suitable for storage in cold-store or under straw
  • Carlano has very healthy and strong foliage and is suitable for conventional and organic production

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