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Seminis is committed to offering growers innovative new vegetable varieties and supporting them through performance, partnership and solutions.

Andersia; High Rise® variety with very good uniformity and head weights

– Matures in approximately 80-90 days (UK) and 72-90 days (Nordics) from planting
– Easy to harvest variety with less leaves to remove than commercial standards
– Heavy head with fine bead and excellent green colour
– Excellent field holding and shelf life
– Potential to be machine harvested

Spinnaker; New High Rise® variety suitable for early summer and autumn production

– Matures in approximately 70-80 days (UK) and 65-80 days (Nordics) from planting
– Uniform to mature with potential for machine harvest
– Increased head weights and higher percentage of marketable heads compared to Ironman
– Improved disease tolerance to Systemic Downy Mildew compared to Ironman
– Excellent quality head with good tolerance to bracting and cateye
– Medium to high dome shaped heads
– Improved field holding and hollow stem tolerance compared to Ironman

*Subject to approval
(Breeder’s Reference SVBL0301)

Britex; New Curdivex® variety with excellent processing potential

– Matures in approximately 74-79 days (UK)
– Suitable for fresh market and processing
– Bright white curd with small dense florets
– Easy to see and harvest
– Uniform maturity for more efficient harvest

*Subject to approval
(Breeder’s Reference SVAC7133)

Shard; Matures at similar timing to Ironman for use for autumn production

– Matures in approximately 70-80 days (UK) and 65-80 days (Nordics) from planting
– Vigorous cool season variety best suited to autumn production
– Excellent head weights and good field holding compared to Ironman
– Dark green, fine beaded, firm head
– Uniform maturity which could increase harvest efficiency

Titanium; Higher head weight, longer lasting

– Matures in approximately 70-80 days (UK) and 65-80 days (Nordics) from planting
– Heavy, dense heads with improved field holding and shelf life
– Easier and more efficient to harvest compared to Ironman
– Best suited for early summer and autumn production
– High yield potential comfortably meeting market specifications without losing quality

Whitex; First of our new bright, white and easy to harvest Curdivex® range

– Matures in approximately 72-78 days (UK); 65-75 days (Nordics) from planting
– Vigorous, upright plant habit with bright, white curd
– Easy to harvest due to the curd being more visible
– Improved field holding compared to other varieties with similar maturity
– Excellent shelf life with the curd staying whiter for longer

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