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Tomato Ansal F1: A Recipe for a Bountiful Harvest

Tomato Ansal F1: A Recipe for a Bountiful Harvest

Are you a farmer looking for the key to a bountiful harvest? Consider planting Tomato Ansal F1, a variety that promises exceptional results. What makes Ansal stand out? It boasts a shelf life of up to three weeks after harvesting, making it a practical choice for growers. But that's not all; here are some of its remarkable features:

  • Disease Tolerance: Ansal is known for its tolerance to Bacterial Wilt and TYLCV, offering protection against common tomato plant ailments.
  • Rapid Maturity: With a maturity period of 65-75 days, you can expect to enjoy your tomato harvest relatively quickly.
  • Exceptional Firmness: Ansal produces extra firm fruits, ensuring they stay intact during transportation and storage.
  • Rich Red Colour: The deep red hue of Ansal's fruits adds to their visual appeal and market value.
  • Strong Plant Vigor: This variety exhibits excellent plant vigor, contributing to robust and healthy tomato plants.
  • Uniform Clusters: Ansal ensures good uniformity from cluster to cluster, creating a visually appealing crop.
  • Ideal Size and Shape: Experience the joy of harvesting tomatoes with excellent size and shape, making them perfect for various culinary uses.
  • Medium Fruits: Ansal's fruits typically weigh between 90-110 grams, making them versatile for a wide range of culinary applications.

Embrace the opportunity to grow Tomato Ansal F1, and discover the numerous advantages it brings to your tomato farming endeavours. With its disease tolerance, rapid maturity, and high-quality fruits, Ansal can be your recipe for a truly bountiful tomato harvest.

Join the ranks of successful growers and choose Tomato Ansal F1 for your next planting season. It's time to elevate your tomato farming game with the exceptional qualities of Ansal.

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