Ferreira and Novero beef tomatoes

Meet Ferreira and Novero – our beef tomatoes with Intermediate Resistance to ToBRFV.


In 2023, Vegetables by Bayer launched Ferreira and Novero, two De Ruiter beef tomatoes with Intermediate Resistance to ToBRFV.

Both are early-fruiting beef tomato hybrids with high yield potentials, a bold red color, and suitability for fall planting and year-round environments. Ferreira has an average fruit weight of 250-260 grams, and Novero* has an average fruit weight of 240-250 grams, allowing growers a choice of variety that best suits their needs. With good plant coverage, Ferreira and Novero are widely adaptable across North America and Mexico.

As we continue working on increasing the resistance levels of our varieties by adding additional resistance genes in our new hybrids, we expect to deliver varieties with durable resistance, strong agronomical traits, and consumer quality traits to help maximize grower success.

*Novero is currently only sold in North America and Mexico. 

strabini on the vine macro shot
strabini on the vine close up

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