The health of the world

grows with you.


Growing a more sustainable future
for this generation and the next.

The health of the world

grows with you.


Growing a more sustainable future
for this generation and the next.

Together, we can lead the way in sustainability.

At Vegetables by Bayer, sustainability is a part of everything we do. We are committed to helping growers do more with less. Because when they grow sustainably and profitably, people and the planet thrive – making the world a healthier home for us all.

We’re committed to making a difference with these 30-30-100 commitments.

By 2030, Bayer is committed to:

Minimise the climate footprint of farming – helping our farming customers reduce their field greenhouse gas footprint by 30%.

Reducing the environment impact of crop protection by 30%.

Empowering 100 million smallholder farmers in low- and middle-income countries with access to agronomic education, unique products, and partnerships leading to improved income and better lives.

Visit our Crop Science page to learn more.

See how we're working to develop innovative solutions that support our commitments.

Growing in your fields.

High Rise™ broccoli

Our High Rise™ broccoli series varieties grow tall and feature strong, clean stems with few large leaves and visible crowns that are firm and heavy. The uniform maturity, strong  yield potential, and consistent product quality have the ability to help growers achieve efficient harvests through less harvest passes.

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Whitex variety Cauliflower

Due to the open habit of Whitex variety (available primarily in the EU) the top of the curd is easy to see and, therefore, can be more efficient to harvest. As compared to our Freedom variety, Whitex offers a whiter curd and better curd quality, and it also has the advantages of good field holding and improved shelf life, supporting the potential for reduced food waste.

More sustainable seed coating.

The Global Seed Technology team worked on the concept of a new coating based on side stream potato starch, that is potato starch produced as a by-product of potato processing.

After technical assessment, potato starch seed coatings have shown excellent dust reduction properties, while also being easily removed with water from coating machines

Growing toward a carbon-zero future.

Helping growers achieve a carbon-zero future is our priority. Our Seminis® OrangeCandy® melon SVMA6558 offers an improved disease resistance package, good field holding ability and longer shelf life compared to the previous variety. During 12 Bayer trials in Spain, we were able to see an up to +13% yield increase on average comparing to our own previous variety. In addition, this variety demonstrated up to a 19% reduction of losses in the field, as a result of less cracking and good field holding. 1

1 In comparison with the Seminis’ previous variety and measured during three years in twelve locations in Spain.

Committed to growing more with less.

We’re working to develop innovative solutions that can help you grow high-yielding harvests using less water and land while providing healthy, great-tasting vegetables that nourish us all.

One example showing promise is out Seminis® Minister onion. In 12 Bayer trials across California, Minister onions produced 10% more per acre than the previous Seminis® Caballero onion, showing the potential to help growers product more than less land*.

* Based on field data (2017-2021), in 12 in-field trials in California/USA (Counties: Five Points, Coalinga, Bakersfield, Kerman, Mendota, Helm, and Stockton) comparing Caballero and Minister.

Committed to helping smallholder farmers
become more profitable and sustainable.

We’re committed to providing 100 million smallholder farmers with improved access to agronomic knowledge, products, services, and partnerships that can help them increase their productivity and profitability. 

Our Malini and SV7298 cucumber varieties (available in India) offer early maturity and shelf life of ~10-12 days, which can help smallholder farmers get produce to market earlier and reduce losses along the value chain. The combination of early maturity, long shelf life, high yield potential, and fruit uniformity can give smallholder farmers in India the potential for a higher market price and increased income.

Grow your business,

grow the health of the world.


Sustainability is good business for everyone.

Grow your business,

grow the health of the world.


Sustainability is good business for everyone.

We are working towards innovative seed solutions that help growers produce more food with fewer natural resources and less waste, in hopes of ultimately reducing agriculture’s environmental footprint. So growers can increase profitability while growing their business more sustainably.

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